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Lasber, S.A. as a national market stablished company, born in Barcelona in 1981. We work in the automation control field, selling most prestigious trade marks, and with a very good quality-price relation.

Actually, 70% of our selling are special products, manufactured according to the customer applications and requests. It suposes a hard working of development to arrive at 100% of satisfaction. Then, as essential to maintain the stocking of this products for to advance to eventual increase of customer production. And this is our commitment.

Placed in the city of Teià (Barcelona), at twenty km. to Barcelona, and with more than 500 sqm, we can assure a permanent stocking and the inmediate delivery time.

We have systems to test the valves, electrically, pneumatically and hidraulically, being a total verification of products.

LASBER, S.A. | Pol. Ind. “Buvisa” | C/ Nord, 16 | 08329 TEIÀ
Telf: 935 558 052 | Email:info@lasber.com  

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